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Iceberg is a collection of scientific works which do not fit into any traditional journal or software repository. It aims at making available the things which are good to know for fellow researchers. Examples are experience with trial-and-error approaches which eventually did or did not make it to a journal publications. Or general scientific expertise, such as how to best set up an experiment (numerical or not) to avoid common pitfalls which others are likely to encounter. Or a blog-style post on best practices and/or software recommendations.

In short, we want to reveal the bulk of the iceberg, where the tip represents traditional journal publications.

It came about by thinking about the importance of learning from our mistakes, which is in direct conflict with the all too present pressure to only show success and what worked, while everything we tried and didn’t work does not get published. We want to enable learning from mistakes in academia. “Mistakes” here is a very broad term for trial-and-error, how to choose reasonable parameters for a given experiment, how to compute derived variables, etc.

Because without this, we have no system to make others aware of our mistakes, dead ends and trials to make sure they don’t repeat them.

Iceberg functions like a scientific journal in that it consists of written contributions which are peer-reviewed and obtain a permanent DOI. In addition to this website, the contributions will also be pushed to Medium, where they may or may not be picked up by the science editors.

Iceberg aims to be open to all science and it calls for papers which describe

Please read the contributions page to learn how to submit your contribution.

We also have room for opinion pieces, which are not peer-reviewed and do not obtain a permanent DOI. Iceberg will publish them in Medium alongside the peer-reviewed publications.

There is also a post about the philosophy and creation of Iceberg online.

Looking forward to much uncovered science,
Martin Jucker, Editor-in-Chief


Please cite all publications using the provided DOI. For PDF version, click on the relevant DOI link. We are also on Twitter and our publications are submitted for publication on Medium.

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